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Protector Trip Relays   An extensive range of electronic control products to providing continuous monitoring and protection of any electrical parameter. When the monitored parameter deviates from the desired set trip limit, the relay will operate to prevent damage to power asset. This versatile ranges features a host of stylish DIN rail protectors offering numerous trip functions for single and three phase power systems, including over and under voltage, current, frequency, phase sequence / failure or balance, reverse power, synchro-check, speed sensing and finally DC inputs.

Protector Trip Datasheets Integra Approvals
Ground Fault - 373 GFR   AC Voltage – PVU-Z, PVO-H   AC Voltage – PVM   Reverse Power – PAS-T
Earth Leakage 373 - ELR   AC Voltage – PVK/J   AC Voltage – PVE   DC Current – PBV
DIN Rail and Wall Mounted 250 Series   AC Voltage – PVV-X   Frequency – PHD   DC Voltage – PBT-S
AC Current – PAO-U   AC Voltage – PVA-C   Phase Sequence – PVR   Thermostat – PMM-T
AC Current – PAD   AC Voltage – PVP-S   Phase Balance – PSF/G   Speed Sensing – PH3
AC Current – PAPV   AC Voltage – PVB   Synchro - PLL-D & PLL-D-UL   Earth Leakage - ELPR/S

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