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Integra Digital Metering Systems   Integra Ci Digital Metering Systems offer measurement and display of all major electrical and power quality parameters including true rms values, power quality data and measurement of total harmonic distortion. Designed to meet customer requirements, the Integra portfolio offers optional pulsed, analogue and digital communication outputs, DIN or ANSI case styles and high quality LED or LCD displays.

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Integra Ci/Ri range   Integra range   Integra 1222 / 1221 Communication guide   Miscellaneous
Integra Ci1 Quick Start Guide   Integra 1630 Operation and Set up   Integra 1630 Communication guide   RS485 & Modbus Protocol Guide
Integra Ci1 Installation   Integra 1630 option module installation   Integra 1530, 1560, 1580 Communications Guide   Communication Adaptors
Integra Ci3 Quick Start Guide   Integra 1630 MSTP manual     Q2C Wiring solution
Integra Ci3 Installation   Integra 1530 installation instructions   Tegra/DINtegra   DL1 Communications Guide
Integra Ri3 Quick Start Guide   Integra 1540, 1000, 0640, 0440, 0340 and 0240 installation   DINtegra 1260 Installation   DL1 User Guide
Integra Ri3 installation   Integra 2000 Installation   Tegra 710 and 810 with Modbus   Tri Load Communications Guide    
Integra Ci5 Quick Start Guide   Integra 1222 installation guide   Tegra 710 and 810 with relay output   Tri Load User Guide    
Integra Ci5 (Q2) Comms Guide   Integra 1222 user manual   Integra 2270 Communications Guide   SL1 Communications Guide      
Integra Ci1 Communications Guide   Integra 0220 / 0230 Installation Guide        
Integra Ci3 Communications Guide   Integra 0220 / 0230 Communication Guide        
Integra Ri3 Communications Guide   Integra 1221 installation guide        
    Integra 1221 user manual        
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