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Integra Digital Metering Systems   Our versatile range INTEGRA digital metering systems and power quality systems (dms) enables cost effective solution for the measurement and display of all electrical parameters including total harmonic distortion (THD) and individual, up to the 63rd harmonics. Meters are available in DIN96 panel mounted or DIN-rail enclosures.

Integra 12xx dms
• Wiring solutions – Integral Q2C plug and socket or RJ12 connections
• CT current measurement 5A/1A and class 1 accuracy
• Modbus RTU and 2 pulsed outputs as standard
• MID approved (INT-1232)

Integra 0220/0230 dms - DIN-rail enclosure

Integra Dual Load and Integra Tri Load
• DIN rail digital metering system capable of measuring 2 or 3 loads in one meter
• Integral RJ12 connections wiring solution

Integra 2270 power quality meter

• monitors three power quality parameters - Total Harmonic Distortion, Waveform Capture and Voltage Interference
• 0.2S% accuracy of reading

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