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  MID Energy Meters & KWh Meters
Integra Digital Metering Systems  
MID Energy Meters

MID approval ensures compatibility with EU market without a need for further testing. MID energy meters offers a wide range of energy measurements for electrical installations where billing is required and is designed for high level accuracy performance.

  KWh Meters

Self-contained panel meters measure combined kWh or kVArh* with pulsed or analog output options and selectable CT and VT ratios, replacing separate rotating disc meters or instantaneous wattmeters. Microprocessor controlled circuitry provides up to Class 1.0 accuracy with outputs displayed directly on the instrument monitor or a remote PC.

Datasheets Installation Approvals
CI-3K32837-DRM-125-1P CI-3K32841-DRM-80-1P CI-3K32845-DRM-KNX
CI-3K32838-DRB-5 DRM-5 CI-3K32842-DRM-32-1P CI-3K32846-DRM-MOD
CI-3K32839-DRM-125-3P CI-3K32843-DRM-40-1P CI-3K32847-DRM-LOG
CI-3K32840-DRM-80-3P-DRB-80-3P CI-3K32844-DRM-M CI-3K32848-DRM-LOG-PS

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